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The Students' Education Trust

Working in support of The SET Foundation in Thailand

The Students’ Education Trust is helping to change the lives of thousands of needy Thai youngsters. We  are a registered UK charity working in support of The SET Foundation in Thailand, which has been active in Thailand since 1994. The SET Foundation is usually known just as SET.

SET awards long-term scholarships to impoverished Thai youngsters at government high schools, vocational colleges and universities. Without that support, many of those young men and women might not be able to study beyond primary school and may never reach their full potential.


Since 1994 SET has awarded more than 8,000 scholarships and has supported many students throughout their studies; up to twelve years in some cases. SET will support any student to whatever education level he or she is personally able to attain. Thousands have gained worthwhile vocational qualifications or Bachelor degrees, some have gone on to study for Masters and a few have gained PhDs.

The Students’ Education Trust was registered with the Charity Commission in 2002, but we actively supported SET’s work in Thailand for many years before. We accumulate donations from The SET Foundation’s UK supporters and transfer funds periodically to Thailand. That saves individual donors from having to pay expensive international bank transfer charges.


The Students’ Education Trust has another great advantage: if you are a UK tax-payer we can increase the value of your donation by 25%, through the Gift Aid scheme.


Although The SET Foundation is registered in Thailand, its British founder and director Peter Robinson established SET according to UK Charity Commission regulations. SET’s accounts are audited every year and the foundation has very low administration costs; usually under 3% of expenditure. As a result, Thailand’s only independent charity rating organization has awarded SET the maximum Five Stars for Transparency, Efficiency and Good Governance.


The SET committee comprises five Thai and four non-Thai trustees. Between them they have long experience in education, student welfare, social development, charity organization and business management. None of the trustees benefit in any material way from their work with SET but the foundation has two paid members of staff, both former SET scholarship students.


To learn more about The SET Foundation’s work in Thailand, visit


Keeping supporters informed

The SET Foundation keeps all its supporters informed of its projects and activities through its magazine, ‘SET News’, published in February and August. The magazine can be read on SET’s website by clicking the link here or it can be sent to supporters by post or electronically. If you don’t want to make a donation yet but would like to be added to the mailing list, please email The SET Foundation. New donors are automatically added to the mailing list unless they advise that they don’t want to receive the magazine at all.


To keep up-to-date with the latest news of SET’s activities, click on the facebook logo.

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